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    Since completing our first three books and the Kitchen Coaching Program, Di has realised her goal of becoming a Nutritionist, completely updated our Kitchen Coaching program and developed the new Kitchen Coach Community Leaders Program.

    Out of all this work a number of exciting developments have evolved.

    Today we want to introduce you to just one, our latest book

    “Get your Salad Together”’

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    Good Health is not Expensive - It's Priceless!

    growing younger photoHello!

    Welcome to our Website.

    How important is it to feel great all the time?

    We really value our good health and have spent nearly thirty years working toward feeling better as we get older. The beautiful part about this story is that we do! Although one of us is a little greyer and one of us has skin that turned out to be a size to big for his body we both feel the same as we did all those years ago.

    As you will discover from our first book the big shift started in 2000

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    About Our Books

    Although our books to date are based on a whole food plant based lifestyle we are realistic enough to know that the bulk of the population will not embrace this lifestyle on a long term basis, hence the six weeks detox program. Our aim here is to change habits through personal experience of just how good it feels to give the body a rest from the continual input of highly acidic toxic food for a long enough period to experience a significant health shift. Hopefully this will encourage the individual to include a greater amount of natural whole food into their everyday diet and most importantly they will know how to do it. Experience is the best form of education.

    'Turn Over a New Leaf', our first book, was published for the first time in 2004. The book was revised in 2008 with many new recipes and includes a complete gluten free eating guide. It has


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    Get your Salad Together

    “Get your Salad Together”  salad cover isbn 3

    Today we want to introduce you to just one, our latest book “Get your Salad Together”’

    Choosing to follow a plant based wholefood diet is not for everyone but is does'nt mean that eating this food as part of your everyday diet is a NO NO. Take it from me “the official food taster” you will love every recipe in this book and enjoy all the health benefits they bring without having to sacrifice the food you enjoy’ So go ahead and

    the Super Salad Challenge

    Our new book, Get Your salad Together' is a result of the last eighteen months of  Di's  natural wholefood cooking workshops.  Most of the workshops have been run around the Mackay region, where the city was recently given the unenviable title of 'Most Obese Town in Australia'.  It seems timely that we have been here for a couple of years working to help the community remove that label.

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    Turn Over a New Leaf


    Turn Over a New Leaf

    Turn Over a New Leaf is a Vegan eating program to Detoxify, Cleanse and Balance your body in six weeks using Natural Foods. All the recipes in this Vegan Diet, are High Energy, High Fibre, High Protein, Low Fat and Low GI, they are also Sugar Free, Wheat Free and Dairy Free with a Gluten Free appendix. This easy to follow food program contains Three Meals a Day for Six Weeks, with Weekly Shopping Lists and Pantry Requirements. The Book contains all the information you need on how to Prepare and Cook Legumes along with helpful Time Saving Kitchen Hints and Ideas in addition to some very important Health Facts. Everyone is surprised how Tasty all the recipes are and the program has been used successfully as a Cancer Diet, Candida Diet, Chronic Fatigue Diet, Healthy Heart Diet, Obesity Eating Plan, Weight Management Eating Plan and an A D D Diet for Children. All the recipes are preservative and Additive Free and will naturally Detox and Alkalise your body.

    If you would like to hear what others have to say about Turn Over a New Leaf. We have had some amazing feedback from book owners who have completed the program.


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    Real Food Power for Kids

    rfp-book-cover--web-1Real Food Power for Kids is a fantastic fully illustrated project book for kids, parents and teachers to come together and discover amazing food facts. They will experience yummy easy to make recipes and learn how to get REAL FOOD POWER. Which is, making healthy food choices through knowledge and experience of real food, The book is designed for easy use in the kitchen 110 pages gloss finish for easy removal of flying food.


    Read what the Australia's  leading Vegetarian Lifestyle Magagazine has to say about this Book

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