A Life of Rhyme

    Writing a blog in my present circumstances just takes too much time. I hope you like the alternative.


    A Boomers Ultimate Prize   -   Longevity

    Living Large or living long, the choice is yours don't get it wrong
    You may treat this subject with levity, but that will change at seventy

    Three score years and ten
    Seemed like a pretty good innings back then

    Now I've reached the mark, I would be pretty dark
    If I had to cash my chip and take that final trip

    I am very glad to say, I planned for this Day
    I sharpened up my act, to get my life in tact

    I was only forty four, when I opened up this door
    It meant a total change, my whole life to rearrange

    Between me and you, there was a lot to do
    It took a lot of will, to climb that gigantic hill

    It meant I had to choose, to give up all the booze
    Another big tick, was to give the smokes the flick


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    Being part of the silent majority
    keeping my mouth shut has been a priority
    I look around and see so much going wrong
    with mass dissatisfaction very strong

    We will no longer accept the status quo
    being screwed by the system is definite no
    I know it’s a democracy and we get to vote
    but policy is weak and results are remote

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