Being part of the silent majority
    keeping my mouth shut has been a priority
    I look around and see so much going wrong
    with mass dissatisfaction very strong

    We will no longer accept the status quo
    being screwed by the system is definite no
    I know it’s a democracy and we get to vote
    but policy is weak and results are remote


    It’s uncertain times is there trouble ahead
    you can’t always believe what you have just read
    I think you should all join me and have your say
    it’s for our grandchildren “ the Australian way”

    There are so many things I would like to say
    but standing on a soap box is not my way
    I’d write a blog but I don’t have the time
    the best I can do is express it in rhyme

    Now I’ve decided to speak who do I tell
    how will they know what I’m trying to yell
    I’m not a tech head or a social Guru
    on Instagram and twitter I have no clue

    So to my friends on Face book if you give me the time
    and share with your friends my Life of Rhyme
    I’d love to hear feedback even take a hike
    but whatever you do you gotta click LIKE


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