Turn Over a New Leaf


    Turn Over a New Leaf

    Turn Over a New Leaf is a Vegan eating program to Detoxify, Cleanse and Balance your body in six weeks using Natural Foods. All the recipes in this Vegan Diet, are High Energy, High Fibre, High Protein, Low Fat and Low GI, they are also Sugar Free, Wheat Free and Dairy Free with a Gluten Free appendix. This easy to follow food program contains Three Meals a Day for Six Weeks, with Weekly Shopping Lists and Pantry Requirements. The Book contains all the information you need on how to Prepare and Cook Legumes along with helpful Time Saving Kitchen Hints and Ideas in addition to some very important Health Facts. Everyone is surprised how Tasty all the recipes are and the program has been used successfully as a Cancer Diet, Candida Diet, Chronic Fatigue Diet, Healthy Heart Diet, Obesity Eating Plan, Weight Management Eating Plan and an A D D Diet for Children. All the recipes are preservative and Additive Free and will naturally Detox and Alkalise your body.

    If you would like to hear what others have to say about Turn Over a New Leaf. We have had some amazing feedback from book owners who have completed the program.


    Jean from Toowoomba advised: Your book is remarkable. I put my husband and two boys on the program and was amazed at the change in attitude of all three. Particularly the boys who's behaviour improved so much I could hardly recognise them.
    Thank you very much

    Email comments : Love your book, husbands PSA has dropped from 40 to 28 (prostate cancer).Could you please put me in your book owners club.
    Thanks , Anna Hobart Tasmania

    Email comments : Hi your book is great! Haven't exactly followed the plan however I do use your recipes. I cut out eating crap food and only ate your vegan diet. From doing this I have lost 9kg and feel really good. Karen

    Email comments : I have recently brought your book. It is fantastic! In the back of the book it said to email you to register for the book owners website, which I would love to do. Mum and Dad also have your book they have lost about 15kg in the first three weeks of the program and are feeling revitalised and full of BEANS! For me, being a cook it has opened my eyes to new food products I always thought to hard to use. To top it all off I've hopped on your web site today to find that you are both Artists as well. Thank you for the inspiration to be all I can be. sincerely Andrea

    Email Comments Dear Di and Graeme,
    We found this book completely by accident at a friends party whom received it as a present. We thought we were eating healthy food and taking care of ourselves but we were still rundown, tired and looking down the barrel of a whole new wardrobe which we couldn't afford. Forget the party, I spent most of the evening reading and organizing myself a copy also strategizing ways to make Andrew (my partner) do it with me.

    Andrew was the keenest in the kitchen and would always find a way to my heart with a good wine and lamb shanks. I was so craving meat the butcher would chop a slab of salami for me to chew before I gave my weekly order. Petrol stations equaled caramello Koala...sugar in tea and cake for morning tea. We liked a drink, not excessive, so we thought but it was a beer or wine at least once a day and twice on Sundays. A social occasion was never without the booze. The weekly food bill including two bottles of wine and a dozen beers would come to about $250.

    With working and exercising daily we found ourselves exhausted and unable to ever have enough sleep. Andrew had really stiff joints and I was a moody cow (all month). Something had to change. So I made a pact with Andrew I would do all the cooking and he would be with me all the way and together we would turn over a new leaf. I had no idea what that was going to look like in the end but it's sure worth the effort.
    The beginning was to see me reading the book twice cover to cover. I found that essential especially when it came to other people's objectives. Then it was off to the real food supermarket where all of a sudden I was buying bags of the stuff I thought beyond my culinary capabilities. I really enjoyed the whole process of setting up the kitchen it was like playing house for the first time. Jars of legumes and beans make a pretty colourful pantry. I cleared away all of the old stuff out of sight and transferred anything which wasn't in the book to the downstairs fridge...I must add it is still there, I can't face it. The shopping lists in the book not only guided me on shopping days but provided an excellent key to minimal weekly wastage.

    The recipes are absolutely delicious. I never once felt I was missing out. I must confess I couldn't cope for too many mornings without Graemes nut paste (still can't). I had very little if any cravings for anything from my previous diet and by week two felt so good, just knew there would be no going back. I was also overcome with the fact I was providing the best possible fuel to my body and that of my man (tee hee). I was beginning to feel so clear in my head and no longer skiing the slopes of sugar highs and lows. Andrew started shedding the hard round tummy almost immediately and both of us were springing out of bed after six hours sleep.

    It has been a month now since we finished our six week program and the impact it has had on our lives is amazing. We are still eating every meal from the book and of course getting healthier and healthier by the minute. Our friends are getting used to us not drinking and have realized we are just as much fun as usual. Our bank account is in the black again as the cost of living is down to a weekly food bill of $150 and it's all organic. The clothes we thought would never be able to fit again are on, my man looks ten years younger. We want to shout about this book from the rooftops!!!!

    This program is the easiest and smoothest way to transition from a conventional diet to a whole food diet, learn the truth about the food you eat, get to know what your body really needs, give your vital organs a makeover and change your life forever.

    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Sarah Crawford Sunshine Coast

    Hello Di

    I am in my sixth week of Turn Over a New Leaf Recipes and I feel fantastic. I love all the recipes and so does my husband. Absolutely delicious - thank you so very much.

    With Love and Gratitude
    Maree Perth Western Australia

    Dear Di,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful book "Turning Over A New Leaf".
    It arrived Monday, and I've already read through it. Very informative and interesting read! I will be re-reading it many times, I'm sure.

    I am in the midst of 'turning over a new leaf' on a number of fronts - and the idea of taking on the 6 week challenge is just 'a bit much' at the moment. BUT I am starting to 'work through things one step at a time' - mostly for my sanity (but also, as we eat very healthily anyway, I need to use up some of my current kitchen stock too). This is going to be an 'evolution' rather than a 'revolution' for us.

    Tonight, we tried the popcorn recipe. Our 9 year old son told me that I 'rock'!!! (He LOVED it - and I loved knowing that he was getting his flaxseed oil and celtic sea salt minerals while having a 'treat'). How cool are you!!! I would like to ask how much oil and salt I should be using (I made it quite salty - OOPS)????

    I wanted to thank you so much for putting this book together!!! Over the past several months, a 'health crisis' has forced me to look much more closely at my diet (I have had to eliminate ALL sugar, for example). I've been very frustrated with shopping (reading labels is an education in itself!!!) and trying to find appropriate recipes. Even books that advocate certain health principles contain recipes that go against those very principles!!! I'm so looking forward to trying out your recipes for hummous and tomato sauce!!! It's going to be a fun journey - but even at this early stage, I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!

    Warmest regards from chilly Melbourne, Suzana




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