Real Food Power for Kids

    rfp-book-cover--web-1Real Food Power for Kids is a fantastic fully illustrated project book for kids, parents and teachers to come together and discover amazing food facts. They will experience yummy easy to make recipes and learn how to get REAL FOOD POWER. Which is, making healthy food choices through knowledge and experience of real food, The book is designed for easy use in the kitchen 110 pages gloss finish for easy removal of flying food.


    Read what the Australia's  leading Vegetarian Lifestyle Magagazine has to say about this Book

    Book review by New Vegetarian and Natural Health Magazine

    Australia's leading natural health magazine.

    ‘Real Food Power for Kids' by Di Skelly Heron and Graeme Heron authors of ‘Turn Over a New Leaf'

    A fabulous recipe book for children - and remember good recipes for kids are good for all of us.

    These recipes are special, containing no sugar, no wheat, and no dairy products; they are low- fat, low glycemic index and economical to prepare. Over half the book is nutritional information which is so exceptionally well done that any co-operative child would be highly motivated to get stuck into healthy recipes and healthy eating generally.

    We give the nutritional education in this book a "five star rating": it is brilliantly done. The author declares, "this book is not a complete meal plan ...but an introduction of healthy alternatives to the countless choices of fast, junk and processed foods that our children are now faced with. And there's wisdom: "Don't try to change the kid's diet overnight, otherwise you might have a mutiny on your hands"

    To get kids interested in unhealthy eating, there is no better way than for them to be involved in creating it."Unfortunately,the way society has developed since the American influence has become so strong, our children have become spectators, not participants in life".The book is a sheer delight to read, laid out simply in large print with cartoon characters. Children are asked- Do you want to get fat, have no energy, have lots of zits and have cellulite on your body?. To do this, eat lollies and drink fizzie drinks daily.Turn the page for the alternate question: Would you like to have smooth zit- free skin, sparkling eues,toned body and heaps of energy>The follows a list of nine how-to answers.

    One section covers refined sugar ("One of the most dangerous substances on the market"), good salt, bad salt, fats and oils, good carbs bad carbs and GM foods. Later sections deal with live foods, organic is best, seeds (the compact life force), legumes and many common vegetables and fruits.

    Then come the recipes. There is breakfast muesli and a Power Smoothie. Even Hash Browns can be made wholesomely. Make your own Vegemari with Tahini, Tamari and water. There are mouth watering recipes for Hommos, eggplant wraps, pizza, felafel wraps and apple and walnut salad. For dinner are Nachos, lentil burgers, get-stuffed potatoes, nutty patties, pumpkin boats, lentil bolognaise, veggie pasties and numerous other dishes.

    Finally, "some sweet stuff presents, Choc and Avocado Ice Cream and No-cook brownies along with a few others.

    This book is a winner!



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