Get your Salad Together

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    Today we want to introduce you to just one, our latest book “Get your Salad Together”’

    Choosing to follow a plant based wholefood diet is not for everyone but is does'nt mean that eating this food as part of your everyday diet is a NO NO. Take it from me “the official food taster” you will love every recipe in this book and enjoy all the health benefits they bring without having to sacrifice the food you enjoy’ So go ahead and

    the Super Salad Challenge

    Our new book, Get Your salad Together' is a result of the last eighteen months of  Di's  natural wholefood cooking workshops.  Most of the workshops have been run around the Mackay region, where the city was recently given the unenviable title of 'Most Obese Town in Australia'.  It seems timely that we have been here for a couple of years working to help the community remove that label.

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    Di has been working with the Mackay City Council running 'Super Salad Challenges throughout the rural and city regions areas. The workshops proved so popular that we decided to write a new book based on the glowing comments and positive feedback on the salad combinations Di presented.

    Another exciting initiative has been to run healthy cooking classes at Mental Illness Fellowship Mackay and other community organisations. These are so popular with the members, that Di has developed a complete new training program (The Kitchen Coach Community Leaders Program) to train facilitators to run her healthy food programs in their communities and  organisations.

    The word has got around and this year Di has been down to Sydney to train six new Kitchen Coach Community Leaders for various organisations around the Sydney metro area.  More will be trained next year. Other states are starting to follow the example and we are hoping that soon we will have Kitchen Coach Community Leaders through many of our leading organisations, Australia wide.

    Feedback from some of the organisations and centres that have implemented Di's' Nourish to Flourish' programs, are very positive and encouraging.

    Get Your Salad Together provides an opportunity to start eating more healthy food by making a salad a day. The Challenge is to eat a salad a day for a month and to invite your friends, co- workers and community members to join in.

    The salads are created in the colour spectrum ie; Red Salad Day Green Salad Days and so on .

    Not only does the book contain 30 scrumptious salad recipes which are all gluten, dairy and oil free. It also features lots of health and food wisdom, recommended books, DVD's and websites to help you further your knowledge on healthy living.



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