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    Maintaining good health is probably the most important thing we can do for ourselves, without it we cannot expect to live life to our full potential.

    There is a lot more to maintaining good health than eating good food but there is nothing more important. So in line with our experience we concentrate on the food and food preparation, along with any additional nutritional information that we think would interest you.

    We believe the only way to stay on top of our health is to stay informed. To do this Di and I read every thing we can on nutrition and health, If we find something that we think everyone should know we pass it on through our articles.

    We hope you find something that will help you.

    Love Graeme & Di

    Cancer can be Cancelled

    This came to my attention today so I thought it would be worth posting it. The beauty of it is it cannot hurt you and it may just work

    Cancer can be cancelled ?

    Just take a few minutes and it is worth reading.....whether U believe it or not.....

    Please read the contents below & pass to your friends

    Three types of asparagus on a shop display, with white asparagus at the back and green asparagus in the middle. The plant at the front is Ornithogalum pyrenaicum, is commonly called wild asparagus,

    Several years ago, I had a man seeking asparagus for a friend who had cancer. He gave me a photocopied copy of an article,entitled, `Asparagus for cancer ' printed in Cancer News Journal, December 1979.

    I will share it here, just as it was shared with me: 'I am a biochemist,and have specialized in the relation of diet to health for over 50 years.

    Several years ago, I learned of the discovery of Richard R.Vensal, D.D.S. that asparagus might cure cancer. Since then, I have worked with him on his project.. We have accumulated a number of favourable case histories.

    Here are a few examples:

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    Vegan Party Food

    Unlike most of us, I think preparing vegan party food for a dinner party is always lots of fun.

    Sometimes the cooking and preparation can be a bit of a challenge. Things like, knowing what dishes to make, organizing shopping etc. Most people have never eaten vegan food let alone know how to cook it, so imagine how impressed they would be if you were to prepare this fabulous vegan party food at your next dinner party.

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    Healthy Kids Party Food

    I got an emergency call. a few weeks ago. from a friend who wanted to create really healthy kids party food with no nasties for her little boy's fifth birthday party. Ten kids were coming and she was panicking about being able to find things the kids would eat.


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    Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan

    • With the help of a Clinical Dietician, a Blood Analyst, a Doctor, a Naturopath, many laboratory tests and lots of friends as taste testers, it took Di and three years to come up with a tested well balanced Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan that would detox and alkalise the body to maximise health and wellbeing.

    We wanted to develop a diet plan that would make the transition to a Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle very simple for everyone. We decided the best way to do this was do everything but cook the food so that even individuals who think micro-waving a TV dinner is cooking, would be able to feel comfortable following our diet plan. 

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