Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan

    • With the help of a Clinical Dietician, a Blood Analyst, a Doctor, a Naturopath, many laboratory tests and lots of friends as taste testers, it took Di and three years to come up with a tested well balanced Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan that would detox and alkalise the body to maximise health and wellbeing.

    We wanted to develop a diet plan that would make the transition to a Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle very simple for everyone. We decided the best way to do this was do everything but cook the food so that even individuals who think micro-waving a TV dinner is cooking, would be able to feel comfortable following our diet plan. 

    After a lot of research and consultation with our team of advisors it was decided the most beneficial healthy vegetarian diet plan was to develop a vegan diet plan. This eliminates, meat, fish, poultry eggs and dairy products. We also wanted to make our healthy vegetarian diet plan suitable to allergy sufferers so we eliminated wheat and wheat products, milk and dairy products and to maximise the health benefits and remove fungus from the blood we also eliminated all sugar and sugar substitutes. In the revised edition of our book we also eliminated all gluten so our healthy vegetarian diet plan is also gluten free.

    Sounds pretty radical doesn't it, but it's not! The food tastes so great you don't even miss any of food you are no longer eating.

    We wanted everyone to feel just how great it is to have a toxin free healthy body, which means eliminating a couple of more staples. You guessed it. If you want to get real about detoxing your body and maximising your health you have to give up coffee and alcohol.

    Now your thinking, this is radical. But don't worry we only want you to experience what it's like to feel the healthiest you have ever been so we made our healthy vegetarian diet plan a six week program. That's long enough to clean out your body and start feeling fantastic.

    Then if you want to go back to your old ways after that, you can. Although, along with a lot of our book owners we have stuck to our diet plan for many years with a few healthy substitute recipes, most people will go half way back to how they ate before they turned over a new leaf which we think is a pretty good result.

    As I said earlier we wanted our Healthy Vegetarian Diet Plan to do everything but cook the food for you so here is what we did.

    We wrote a book and in that book,

    • We give you breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for six weeks
    • We give you twenty additional recipes to try once the plan is finished
    • We give you a weekly shopping list with exact quantities
    • We give you a list of everything you will need for your pantry
    • We explain exactly what utensils you will need to make quick and easy meals
    • We give you detailed explanations how to prepare the legumes for maximum protein
    • We give you all the shortcuts and cooking tips to make the process quick and easy
    • We give you a whole lot of health facts you will need to know to stay healthy
    • We give you the exact recipes that makes every dish a delicious masterpiece
    • We support you with a newsletter with loads of health information
    • We produce video cooking show to introduce new dishes and techniques
    • We answer all your questions via email so that you never feel lost

    If you would like to find out more about the book Click Here.





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