Healthy Kids Party Food

    I got an emergency call. a few weeks ago. from a friend who wanted to create really healthy kids party food with no nasties for her little boy's fifth birthday party. Ten kids were coming and she was panicking about being able to find things the kids would eat.


    You can probably all remember the days when kid's party food was all about little red sausages, fairy bread, chicken nuggets and weird coloured fizzy drinks. Even then the colourings and additives would send us all crazy.  Now that we have so much more knowledge about healthy food we probably wouldn't feed that stuff to our dogs


    My friend was sick of going to kids parties where the food was catered for by a variety of junk food stores and her child climbing up the walls in less than an hour of the party starting and sometimes seeing other kids have allergic reactions to this toxic food. It's a lot worse now than it was when we were kids. They have found ways to make the food to be completely devoid of nutrition and so well preserved you could save the leftovers for the child's 21st.

    So, after my friend's desperate plea, I got my creative chef's hat on and went about designing some healthy kids party food that looks inviting with no sugar, no dairy, no preservatives, no additives, no colourings and finally gluten free.  The most important requirement being that the kids would like it.

    I know you are thinking I just don't have the time to make all the food for the party and I agree it will take a little extra time to create the dishes I created for my friend. She was over the moon when she made up the dishes and found how easy they were and just how much the kids loved them.

    Since writing Real Food Power for Kids and Vega and the Magic Apple I have become very passionate about helping mothers feed their kids healthy food and one of the things I find most frightening about this trend of using fast foods for kid's parties, is that we are not showing them how we can create our own great food by using just a little imagination.

    We are teaching that everything fun or exciting can only be found outside of ourselves. With every conceivable innovation to entertain them there are a lot of young people out there who have no idea they have the ability to be master creators of their own lives and I believe it is up to us to show them how.

    I know from my own experience how much I loved making stuff in the kitchen with Mum and how much it stimulated me to keep on creating for the rest of my life.  With a bit of forward planning, you make time to prepare some irresistible snacks for little fingers. Why not enlist the help of your child for the job.  Make a project out of it. Kids love helping in the kitchen. .

    My experience as an Art teacher has shown me that people who create anything and get involved with the process, enjoy the opportunity to express themselves through that medium. This gives them ownership of the work and therefore more interest in it.

    Creative kids are clever kids and if want you inspire your kids to be more creative,  food preparation is a great tool, it's easy to do at any age and the rewards are satisfying and instant. Not only will they be able to enjoy the experience of taking ownership of their own creation they will naturally be motivated to make healthy food choices through their own knowledge and experience.

    As a parent you might think that letting kids make their own food is time consuming and messy. Think of it this way. Each time you give the kids time to make their own food you are making deposits into their personal health account. Right now their health is in your hands.

    The kids will love it.

    Back to the healthy kids party food I have included some of the recipes I gave to my friend for you to try with your kids, don't forget the table decorations. Every kids party has to have fabulous decorations.


    Love Di

    PS We have a fantastic new Video with two hours of great kids recipes  Click Here


    Here's how to make some really fun foods for your child's next birthday party.

    Use these ideas as a springboard for your imagination.


    Hommous Hearts

    You will need:

    Bread of choice

    Heart cutters about 5cm and 2 cm diameter

    Hommous Mix or Sweet Potato Mix


    1 small carrot for decoration


    Toast bread and cut out shapes.  Spread with mix then cut out carrot shapes then decorate with peas.

    Hommos MIx

    1 can Organic Chick Peas or sprouted Chick Peas

    2 tbsp Tahini

    1 Lemon - squeezed

    ½ level tsp Celtic Salt

    2 tbsp Olive Oil

    1 tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil

    1 bead garlic - peeled

    A little water if the mix is too thick.

    Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend til smooth. (will keep in the fridge for a week ,can be frozen in portions.)


    Desert Islands

    You will need:

    1 carrot- thin slices

    A few Broccoli florets.

    Hommous or Sweet Potato mixture

    Piping Bag.

    Desert Islands are made with carrot slices piped with the Sweet Potato mix then take small piece of Broccoli and sit it on top. You can also cut up the carrots and pipe on the Hommous and let your child add the trees.


    Sweet Potato Mix

    1 large sweet potato - peeled & grated

    1 corn Cob - kernels removed

    2 Spring Onions - finely sliced

    1 Red Capsicum

    ½ cup Baby Peas

    ½ cup Brazil Nuts - ground (optional)

    1 bead Garlic - crushed

    1 tsp Ginger - grated

    ¼  tsp Celtic Salt

    1 tbsp  Virgin Olive Oil Oil

    ½ tsp Caraway Seeds

    Place all ingredients in a saucepan and cook on medium heat until sweet potato is tender. Then mash mixture. Serve as a meal or can be used as a filling. Puree the mixture for young children or for piping into tomatoes etc. The mix can be frozen into portions for later use.  Also makes a great dip with corn chips or biscuits. The great thing about this recipe is that it has a few different vegetables in it, but as a puree the kids will never know they are eating them. (can be frozen in portions.)

    Mushroom Men

    You will need:

    6 button mushrooms

    1 small Zucchini - thin slices

    1 small carrot - thin slices



    Remove stalk from mushroom. Insert a toothpick then top with a slice of Zucchini, Carrot and a Pea.


    Pot Plants

    You will Need:

    1 Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

    ½ cup Basic Sweet Potato Mix

    Piping Bag

    Broccoli Florets

    Take a very thin slice off the bottom of the cherry tomato, then cut a little bit from the top. Squeeze on Sweet Potato mix and add the Broccoli tree.


    Wagon Wheels

    You will need ;

    1 Corn Cob

    6 Cherry Tomatoes

    6 slices Zuchini

    6 Peas

    Cut slices of corn cob. Use a sharp bread knife. Insert the toothpick Insert the toothpick.  Cut the Tomato in half. One on each side of the cob. Insert the toothpick. then add the zucchini and Pea.


    Eat Your Name

    You will need :

    paper plate

    piping bag

    3 tblspn basic sweet potato Mix

    Peas, broccoli or carrot shapes for decoration

    Place Sweet potato filling in a piping bag and squeeze out the child's name on a party plate. Add a few decorations.


    Quick and easy piping bag.

    All you need is a plastic lunch bag. Cut a very small piece out of the corner then put a few spoonfuls of mixture in the bag then squeeze it on to the carrot slices or whatever. Wait for the mixture to cool down before piping.

    Colour is important.

    Kids love colour, they're attracted to it like bees to a flower. Purchase a set of brightly coloured plastic party plates to serve food on. These can be washed and used again. Available from supermarkets and party shops.

    Cookie Cutters

    These are a must for every kid's kitchen. How much better does a piece of carrot taste when it's cut into a heart or star shape. The possibilities for using these are endless and only limited by your imagination. Cutters can be bought from Kitchen Shops.

    No Waste

    Any pieces of food left over from the cutting process can be added to juices, frozen for later use in soups or grated up in salads


    Finally, something for the kids to take home after the party


    A bag of Bugs 'n' Ants

    1 cup Green Pepitas

    1 tsp Black Sesame Seeds

    1 tbsp Currants

    1 tsp Virgin Olive Oil

    Celtic Salt to taste

    Plastic zip lock lunch bag.

    Heat a small pan and toss Pepitas in Oil until the seeds start to brown, then add salt and Black Sesame seeds to taste. When cool add some Currants.

    Great for school lunch box or sprinkled on anything.

    * Black Sesame Seeds can be bought from Health Shops.

























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