Vegan Party Food

    Unlike most of us, I think preparing vegan party food for a dinner party is always lots of fun.

    Sometimes the cooking and preparation can be a bit of a challenge. Things like, knowing what dishes to make, organizing shopping etc. Most people have never eaten vegan food let alone know how to cook it, so imagine how impressed they would be if you were to prepare this fabulous vegan party food at your next dinner party.

    We were invited to to my friend Jane's 40th birthday recently. I volunteered to help prepare the food because my friend was a little inexperienced at dinner parties. Most of her guests ate meat so there was Webber roasted Lamb and chicken on the menu, but as Jane was making the transition to eating vegan food she wanted her friends to experience what really good vegan food tasted like.

    I helped her create some Mushroom Wellingtons, Semi Dried Tomato and Macadamia Pasta, RedQuinoa Salad and Raw Chocolate Goji Balls with fresh fruits for dessert. She was so surprised at how easy and quick it was to prepare such yummy foods. We had it done in a couple of hours. Jane was so excited about serving these new vegan party foods to her friends, because as far as she knew, they had never eaten vegan of food before.

    The 40th Birthday party theme was surfing and beach culture. The party was to be held out the back on the deck so we put a clear plastic cloth on the table and covered it in beach sand. We threw a few shells around and used recycled palm leaf plates for serving dishes.. In the middle of the table we placed a couple of palm fronds and found some coconuts at the local fruit markets. A few frangipani flowers and hibiscus flowers scattered around, some Beach Boys music, and presto, we had a real beach party atmosphere.

    The guests arrived and as I predicted earlier, they discovered the vegan party food and scoffed the lot before washing the lamb and chicken down with a few cold ales.

    When Jane told the party goers that all the food, apart form the roasts, was dairy, gluten, sugar, preservative free whole food they were amazed. A couple of the guests suggested that if I would cook for them they would become vegans immediately. When I told them how easy it was to make this delicious vegan party food, they wanted to buy our book and give some of the recipes a go.

    It's not surprising that most people respond very positively to eating natural whole food, especially vegan food because even though they might not want to eat this type of food all the time their body knows what's good for it and responds accordingly. I just know they're thinking, how could something that tastes so good, be good for you!

    Happy Cooking


    Di Skelly Heron

    PS.  Our latest cooking show 'The Kitchen Coach's Favourite Recipes' has the Mushroom Wellingtons and other great vegan party food recipes on it. Di is right there in your kitchen to show you just how easy it is. Get your copy now Click Here


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