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    Although our books to date are based on a whole food plant based lifestyle we are realistic enough to know that the bulk of the population will not embrace this lifestyle on a long term basis, hence the six weeks detox program. Our aim here is to change habits through personal experience of just how good it feels to give the body a rest from the continual input of highly acidic toxic food for a long enough period to experience a significant health shift. Hopefully this will encourage the individual to include a greater amount of natural whole food into their everyday diet and most importantly they will know how to do it. Experience is the best form of education.

    'Turn Over a New Leaf', our first book, was published for the first time in 2004. The book was revised in 2008 with many new recipes and includes a complete gluten free eating guide. It has


    proved so popular we have just printed the fifth edition and it is now considered to be Australia's best selling Vegan Lifestyle food program.

    Like all the large food corporations of the world, we see that in the long term the success of our message is dependent on the acceptance of children, and like them we are focusing a lot of our energy in this area.

    ‘Real Food Power for Kids' and ‘Vega and the Magic Apple' were published to fill this gap and complete the series of physical books, They too are considered best sellers and will continue to do their good work in introducing and educating toddlers and older children to the value and advantages of being able to prepare and eat real food.

    We are in the process of creating and online series of books that will cover many aspects of building a healthy life style for you and your family.

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