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    Since completing our first three books and the Kitchen Coaching Program, Di has realised her goal of becoming a Nutritionist, completely updated our Kitchen Coaching program and developed the new Kitchen Coach Community Leaders Program.

    Out of all this work a number of exciting developments have evolved.

    Today we want to introduce you to just one, our latest book

    “Get your Salad Together”’

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    Good Health is not Expensive - It's Priceless!

    growing younger photoHello!

    Welcome to our Website.

    How important is it to feel great all the time?

    We really value our good health and have spent nearly thirty years working toward feeling better as we get older. The beautiful part about this story is that we do! Although one of us is a little greyer and one of us has skin that turned out to be a size to big for his body we both feel the same as we did all those years ago.

    As you will discover from our first book the big shift started in 2000


    We still can't believe it was only 2000 when we started on this journey. It was by pure chance we decided to write a book that would help our nutritionist convey his eating for health concept to his clients

    What a journey and life style change that chance decision has created.

    That book "Turn Over a New Leaf" now considered a best seller, has become a must have for Health Shops, Natural Health Practitioners, Nutritionists, Kitchen Coaches and the general public alike. In South East Queensland where we live it is extremely popular and its fame along with the two additional books we have written and published since ‘Real Food Power for Kids' and ‘Vega and the Magic Apple' is spreading to a world audience.

    We have created an entirely new occupation around the book "Turn Over a New Leaf" called Kitchen Coaching and an animated cartoon character for kids called Vega along with a whole new internet business.

    Setting up this website has been a vital factor in getting the to the world market. Running an internet business is a whole new ball game. It took us a while to realize that having a great website is only a very small factor in being successful on the internet. Learning how to do it right is such a fascinating experience, there is so much to learn and I have barely scratched the surface.

    The thing Di & I love most about internet is not only does it allow a small business like ours to market to a world wide audience, it is so technically advanced, it allows us all to share in each others success. We invite you to share in ours.


    Graeme & Di

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