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    Kill Will

    Kill Will

    early-december-04-webMy personal Journey through Cancer

    I got a cancer for Christmas 2004  right on my right temple. It was just a freckle for many years hardly noticeable. It came to my attention while sitting having a drink after golf in mid December. There was a bit of dry skin on my temple, which I duly scratched off, it bleed which surprised me, but I though nothing more of it.


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    A Grandfather’s Greatest Privilege

    When my daughter Melissa invited Di to take photos at the birth of my second grandson and Melissa's first baby, I thought ‘that's great', all the girls will be there, Melissa of course and Stacey her sister, Rhonda her mother, Di the wicked stepmother and the midwife Andilla, a beautiful lady from Samoa who has delivered over 500 babies and of course, Glenn the Dad.

    Over dinner one night we were talking about the up and coming birth and Melissa said "You have to be there too Dad". I said "Sure Melis". I was happy to be invited to be part of it but thinking I would have to sit out on the deck with the dogs and get the occasional report.the-birthing-boys-web

    Melissa had decided to have a drug free water birth at home, which naturally I fully supported and that's why there was a cast of thousands.

    They say that life happens while we make plans.


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