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    Kill Will

    early-december-04-webMy personal Journey through Cancer

    I got a cancer for Christmas 2004  right on my right temple. It was just a freckle for many years hardly noticeable. It came to my attention while sitting having a drink after golf in mid December. There was a bit of dry skin on my temple, which I duly scratched off, it bleed which surprised me, but I though nothing more of it.


    Early December 2004

    About five days later Di said to me "what is that on your temple", it was then I looked closer at it in the mirror. It was now a small black lump like a mole. I thought "I had better get someone to have a look at that".

    That weekend I was stretching a couple of very large canvas's, for a friend of ours, that were being set up for a corporate golf week at Sanctuary Cove. One of his friends was a Doctor with a Cancer Clinic. So I asked him to check it out. He said yes it's a cancer and it's been traumatised, what ever that means. He then said you had better make and appointment at my surgery, I will be there next Thursday. We were going away for a month the following Saturday so I didn't want to leave it.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't see him because he was out of town. "Bright Bxxxxxx". I didn't want to go for a month without doing some thing about it, and as I had always intended to treat it naturally so I decided to go ahead and treat it. I had some knowledge of an alternative treatment using a black paste. And as I thought this was only a Basal Cell Carcinoma, (BCC) which a doctor will normally freeze off, the paste would get rid of it in no time.

    Even though I thought this was a relatively harmless form of skin cancer, I was a little surprised and shocked that I would get cancer, despite spending a lot of my life in the sun. I though this shouldn't happen to me I have a very alkaline diet the "Turn Over a New Leaf" kind of diet which continual blood tests, including the most recent only two weeks prior, had confirmed that my system was/is also mildly alkaline and cancer is not supposed to be able to live in an alkaline system. Perhaps someone has forgot to tell the skin cancer that.

    Anyway I made an appointment with my health practitioner and got the drum on the black paste. Like me he thought it was a (BCC) and the black paste would clear it up in four or five weeks.

    I applied the paste that night, which is a simple process, all you do is apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a bandaid for 24 hours. During that period there was a very strong drawing sensation in the area and a feeling of pin pricks into the area behind the dressing.
    After the 24 hours I removed the Band Aid and the area had a scab over it about the size of the blunt end of a pencil. My instructions were to keep it dry which is great when you are a surfer. "So surfing was out and pretty little shower caps were in".

    It was about this time Di suggested that we should name this entity on the side of my head. Her reasoning! It is very important not to take ownership of cancer. This sounded like perfectly good woman's logic so we named it Wilson after the basketball that became Tom Hanks's companion in the movie Castaway.

    So Wilson was born.

    That weekend we headed off on our month long journey. Inland to Adelaide ten days including Christmas with some very close friends, playing golf and spending Christmas and New Year. Then back home hugging the coast visiting friends and relatives along the way. During this time Wilson hadchristmas-day-04-web grown to about the size of a pea on the side of my head still covered with a black scab and not causing any discomfort or pain, but it was starting to look a bit obvious

    Christmas 2004

    It was mid January when we got home and Wilson had grown to about the size of the end of my little finger. I was starting to get a little worried because it felt like it was growing not drying up and dieing. So I made an appointment with my Health Practitioner. His impression was that it was OK the scab looked as it should even though it was taking longer to dry up and fall off. I told him I wanted a second opinion, so he said to clean off the scab when I get home and take a photo of it and email it to him and he would send it to the a practitioner who specialises in treating cancer using the black paste.

    I must interrupt my story here explain why I have decided to tell it and why I am not naming any of the practitioners that have assisted me through this process.

    Although I have always thought it was important to tell this story I had decided not to. Primarily, because the medical fraternity are paranoid about controlling cancer, they destroy or make it so difficult for anyone who develops an alternative treatment, be it medical (such as the doctor in Perth) or natural such as the black paste and other treatments which have to be promoted on the quiet for fear of retribution. Naturally, I didn't want to get any one into trouble or be responsible for the people who helped me in good faith, having problems with the establishment. Which although the cure worked would not make any difference. Finally, although I wouldn't want to be seen as promoting this as the way to treat Melanoma's or any other cancer because I believe there is more to it than just the paste, I still felt it is necessary for people to know there are alternatives

    So when it was pointed out to me by a friend that there are a number web sites on the Net that give a complete rundown on the Black Paste with case histories including the recipe. I decided to tell the story because I am not putting anyone in jeopardy as this information in the public domain and allows us all to be informed enough to make up our own minds if the necessity arises. It also takes away any need to name names.

    Back to the story.

    That night I cleaned off the scab and took a photo of what now looked like a tumour. I was a littlejan-29--05-web disturbed at the site. Wilson had taken on a sinister demeanour and had grown quite considerably.

    January 29
    As you can see, not a pretty sight.

    I was not long before I got a response from this photo and a number of other angles I had sent off by email for the second opinion. When the phone call came I was not in and the message to Di was "tell Graeme to ring me urgently". Naturally, Di was concerned and when I got the message, I wasn't jumping for joy either.

    An appointment was made for the next day and I could see as soon as we walked in the door that the news was not going to be good. I was told that this was definitely a melanoma and that its location right over a branch of my lymph system made it very dangerous. It was also over the top of my saliva glands so I knew any operation would probably include removal of both. I was told that melanoma can spread very rapidly through the body and could take you out in a very short time. I'm thinking this is great "I'm as healthy as I have ever been and I might not see the year out".

    I was asked would I like to go and seek conventional treatment. Knowing what that might entail and being a great believer and advocate of natural medicine and good diet my answer was "not an option" "what do I do to fight this".

    The advice was: eat all organic food - no meat - no dairy - no sugar - no alcohol - no processed food - don't use microwave for cooking - no cooking with oil - no acid producing food - no mobile phone - reduce all stress (a bit of joke considering the circumstance) - conserve energy (no golf or surfing) - drink filtered water out of a blue glass bottle (helps purify the water, a new one on me) - purchase a blue light for pain (also new) - no tofu (processed) - meditate or prayer - walking - fresh air - chi kung - personal visualisation - boost immune system.

    The list of vitamins herbs and minerals came next - celtic salt - super sea minerals - essiac herb mix - water oxygenator - vitamin C - acidopholous - potassium - zinc - B12 - super B complex - magnesium - calcium - olive leaf extract - flax seed oil - selenium lotion - organic alfalfa concentrate.

    Apart from the super sea minerals, the essiac herb mix and the water oxygenator I was taking all the rest as part my ongoing health program. The food side was also covered because I had been on the "Turn Over a New Leaf" program for the past three years and the blood test in late November had been exceptional. My PH was also excellent at that time, which I was advised was a great advantage.

    The final instruction was to repeat the procedure of applying the Black Paste and set about implementing all the directives. So we made some minor adjustments to my diet, eliminating any food that created acid in the body. In my case peanuts and walnuts in "Graeme's Nut Paste". Di only cooked in Olive Oil so she changed that to cooking in a small amount of water and added the olive oil after. We discovered that it tastes much better that way any way and cook like it all the time now. Obviously, micro waving food and mobile phones were out, we already drank filtered water but could not find a blue bottle to improve that process, and still haven't to this day. We did buy the blue light, which works by the way.

    Naturally, both Di and I were a bit shell shocked. It's one thing to think the worst but it's certainly another to have it confirmed.

    We were having a business meeting that afternoon and the discussion came around to what we would be doing next year. I got this lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach when I thought "shit I might not be around next year" It's the strangest feeling. Especially when you think you are going to live forever.

    I smothered Wilson that night with the paste and got quite a different reaction than before. It was much more painful and felt like the side of my head was going to explode. It wasn't hard to visualisefeb3-rear-view-web Wilson exploding out of my head with this going on. The next day I woke up with a swollen face and Wilson busting out of the bandaid and looking gross

    Febuary 3 rd

    As you can see things were moving along and the impact of what was happening to me had hit both Di and I pretty hard. We were both trying to be brave but every time I winced with the pain Di would get very concerned and ask me how if I was OK. By Friday morning we were on a knifes edge I hadn't slept much because of the pain. Di couldn't sleep either the fear had taken over well and truly it's, all we had talked about. On our morning walk that day Friday 4th February I was thinking about the whole situation when I had a sudden insight. It went sort of like this. I blurted out to Di "I have just realised what the surfing logo "NoFear" the kids plaster on the back window of their cars, means. It doesn't mean you don't have any fear it means although you are scared "shitless" you are able push through it by acknowledging your fear and accepting the consequences if you don't make it". I said to Di, if I am going to beat Wilson I have to acknowledge my fear and accept the consequences of my decision to go natural. Di agreed and said she would back me all the way. From that point on, for me, the fear went away and we both felt a little less stressed. I decided not to think of the long-term just stay focused on Killing Wilson. I imagined him exploding out of my head and leaving a big hole clear from any cancer.

    From this point on the pain gradually subsided and for the next four days all the protocols I was diligently following were definitely working. Since becoming a Bowen practitioner I had found I have a lot of healing energy in my hands and each morning I would cup my right hand over Wilson and allow the energy to work. After each of these sessions the right side of my face would swell up to about twice its size and I would have to do a Bowen Procedure that drains the lymph system in the neck. This would bring it down almost immediately. Wilson was drying up and seemed to be shrinking. I felt really great had plenty of energy and was able to continue working. I felt like I was winning the feb-8-front-view-webKill Wil War. On the 8th February Wilson looked very dry and was starting to feel loose like he might drop off. I was feeling pretty positive.

    February 8th

    On the 9th of February I was giving Wilson's head a little gentle persuasion to leave the premises when low and behold he dropped off. I was elated. Until I looked in the mirror and saw that there was still more there, It was only Wilson's head that had come off. I was a little disappointed but decided that a battle had been won.

    As you can see from the following photo there was a lot going on in Wilson's head and I was definitely a lot better off without it.

    feb-9-side-view-webDi cleaned up the sight with Celtic Salt and warm water and plastered it with the Black paste for the third time.

    I thought I had suffered pain the second time I had put the paste on but that was a walk in the park to the pain I suffered the next three days and particularly nights. It was so bad by the third day I got Di to pick up some Panadiene Forte. I don't take drugs of any kind and hadn't taken pain killers for twenty years, so this was a big thing for me. The blue light was helping but in my more is better fashion I had purchased the most powerful one I could find and although it was helping the pain, it was burning my head, so I couldn't use it for very long. I thought if the pain gets so bad I can't stand it I will take the Panadiene. However, I wasn't necessary, the pain seemed to be subsiding and not wanting to interrupt February  9th                   my body's healing process I didn't take them.

    Not only was the pain bad Wison was growing rapidly and looking bloody awful. I didn't go out much in this period but when I did people would do a double take, I felt like a leper.

    feb-10-side-view-webOn February 10 Wilson looked like this

    February 10 th







    On February 14 Wilson looked like thisfeb-14-front-view-web

    February 14th

    On the Weekend of the of the 12th and 13th February a close friend of ours come to stay for the weekend to attend a Bowen Practitioners Workshop. I was looking forward to her coming because she is a cancer nurse in the biggest cancer clinic in Queensland, a very stressful job. I needed to talk to someone who wasn't going to panic when they saw Wilson and hopefully give me some additional advise as to how I might add to my arsenal of weapons to Kill Wil. She was a little surprised how big Wilson was and after telling me a number of cancer stories and how bad Melanoma can be, we got onto what she thought I could do. I asked her what the medical profession does besides operating, radiation and chemo. She advised me that they do give there patients a drug called Interferon which is synthetic version of a protein the body's cells produce to inhibit virus invasion. She also advised me that there is a natural herb called Astragalus that stimulates this process in the body. It's a practitioner only product so we had our Naturopath order some for me.

    During the course of our conversations that weekend she said to me she had seen many people die of cancer in her career but I was not going to be one of them. She said you can tell in most cases the one's who will die and the ones who will survive. When I asked her "how can you tell" she said there was no set condition it's a vibe or knowing. What ever it was I was glad I had it!

    The other little bit of information that came out of her visit, after me telling her the reaction I was getting from using the energy in my hands to treat Wilson. Was something she had leaned from an Energy Healing course she had attended. Instead of cupping the hand over Wilson I was to put all my fingertips together point them at Wilson, this, she said, will focus the energy.

    The following day Sunday she went off to her Bowen Workshop and Di and I went up to Toowoomba to do a "Fearless Creating Painting Workshop". We took the Beach House (Motor Home) so that I could relax while Di did the full day Workshop. Naturally, with all this time on my hands, I had to try the new technique of focusing the energy with my fingers and visualising Wilson exploding out of my head. It was great I could feel the energy biting into Wilson and numbing the pain. I guess I over did it because when I went to pick Di up my face had swollen up like a football." You've been doing that energy thing with you fingers haven't you" were the first word's that came out of Di's mouth when she saw the state of my head. "I suppose you've been doing it all day, in your more is better fashion" were her next words. Of course, I said "no".

    Up until Wednesday the following week Wilson was pretty active, Stuff was oozing out everywhere andfeb-17-side-view-after-clea he was definitely not improving my looks.

    February 17th

    By Thursday the pain had gradually subsided but I was beginning to feel that Wilson was going to become a permanent fixture. He was the size of a golf ball on my head now and competing, with me, for attention everywhere I went. It was like being second fiddle to an ugly extra terrestrial, every one started to talk about him like I wasn't there.

    We went away in the Beach House that weekend and I made sure all the beach's we parked on were secluded. All his pussing and fussing had stopped and it felt like he was drying out and becoming brittle

    feb-17-side-view-after-cleaFebruary 20th

    Although I wanted to let nature take its course each day I would give Wilson some gentle encouragement to take a hike by wiggling him. On Monday the 21st February about a quarter of Wilson's body came a way and the skin underneath was completely healed. I was very happy, and the visualisations of Wilson exploding out or my head became a little more regular.

    About mid afternoon on the 22nd I thought I would go into the bathroom and give Wilson and shove. I didn't expect anything to be different. So when the whole body came away It was a complete surprise. And as I had visualised the hole was completely clean.

    Wilson was DEAD.

    February 22ndfeb-20-front-view-web

    He had exploded out of my head just as I had imagined. Leaving a great hole, two to be exact (a bit of a surprise). I couldn't get over how clean the wound was there was no tumour left. I looked like there was going to be a huge hole in the side of my head, but I didn't care because my lymph system and saliva glands were still all in tact.

    Wilson's body looked like the inside of an oyster. "I'm glad I don't eat them any more".

    Here lies Wilson's Bodywilsons-body-2-web


    Di bathed the site with warm water and Celtic salt then completely covered it with the gel from the inside of an aloe vera plant.
    It was an unbelievable feeling to look at my head in the mirror and not have Wilson's ugly form staring me back in the face. I was sure I could get used to it.

    When I woke up the next day and looked in the mirror it was almost as exciting as Killing Wil the day before. The healing that had taken place in one night was amazing. I now started to think that the scar might not be as bad as I thought

    feb-22-wilson-exits-webFebruary 23rd


    February 24thfeb-24-close-up-web

    Although I was feeling fantastic it was hard for me to get my head around being able to let go of the mindset that had become part of my life for over a month. My whole focus had been to Kill Wil and live to tell the tale. Part of me knew I had won but didn't want to let go of the focus just in case.

    I though the only way I am going to be able to let go is to make sure that my body is back to normal. Feeling good is fine but sometimes that can be deceiving. For me the best monitor for my health is the live blood tests that I have every six months. So I booked in for a test. I took about two weeks to get in and by that time I was feeling fantastic. I was still diligently including all the protocols that had been implemented at the start of this drama, so I though my blood would be fine and show that I had made a full recovery.

    To say I was disappointed at what I saw, when the practitioner and I sat and viewed my blood, would be an understatement. It had been two weeks since Wilson's demise and my body was still dealing with the devastation that he had caused. Remember, I have been having these tests for over three years now and I know what good blood looks like because with the "Turn Over a New Leaf" food program and my lifestyle, mine had got to be pretty much perfect over that time. I still say seeing your blood exposed in this way is the greatest incentive to do something about looking after your health. Like myself, it has been a life changing experience for many of my friends and acquaintances that have had the tests, after I have raved about it.

    From being pretty much perfect only three months a earlier in November my blood (my body) had regressed considerably.

    The practitioner pointed out that although my blood had deteriorated considerably from November it was still better than most blood he sees. He then began as is his practice to point out what it all means. My blood cells were starting to stack on top of one another, making it hard to transport oxygen and nutrients. My free radical damage had gone from being minimal to almost excessive, meaning my body was having trouble coping and regenerating and there had been a proliferation of fungus in the plasma. There were signs of digestive stress and a considerable percentage of the blood cells were oval shaped with indicates a magnesium and calcium deficiency (a side effect of cancer in the body). There was considerable viral activity and also evidence that my adrenals were under stress, which had never presented before. This usually means the body is being pushed harder than it should and is under some stress.

    The good news was that as usual my protein levels were excellent and my immune system was in excellent shape. So I still had some reserves.

    Once again I was under the illusion that I was in great shape, however, it was obvious there was still some healing to be done. I needed to get plenty of magnesium and calcium back into my body. So he introduced a paste containing the correct percentages of Calcium Magnesium and Potassium in it, which I took three times a day. I had to up the amount of Olive Leaf Extract to counter the viral activity.
    I continued with all the protocols he had introduced for another month and maintained the "Turn Over a New Leaf" diet. After that I stopped taking the super sea minerals (replacing them with normal sea minerals), and the essiac herb mix. I was never sure about the water oxygenator so I stopped taking that too. I was unable to get the selenium lotion anymore, although I found it to be very good in helping to move the toxins around my neck where I applied it each night. The big discovery for me was how amazing Aloe Vera is. I use it on any cuts or potential cancers on the back of my hands and nose. Its healing powers are fantastic and the plants are very cheap.


    March 30th



    July 1st graeme aug 09

    Its now July and I'm another year older, phew! The Wilson experience is now just a bad memory. I have had another blood test since, which was pretty much back to excellent, a beautiful sight to see. I'm surfing and playing golf again and loving every minute of it. I'm much more aware of the sun now I wear sun blocker when I'm in it and take note of any changes in my skin, plastering any thing that even looks like it's changing with Aloe Vera.

    At the request of a very close friend of ours in Los Angeles who is a Physicist and Oncologist at the Cedar Sinai Hospital I sent these pictures. He said he has seen worse, (always bigger and better in America) he also said he couldn't believe I had had no Medical Treatment and was desperate to know what the heck is the black paste made out of. However, the thing that amazed him the most was how quickly the wound had healed. I can only put this down to the "Turn Over a New Leaf" diet which has been part of my life now for over three years and my belief that if you really want something to happen and you are prepared to make the changes necessary to give it every chance. If you follow your instincts and go for it, it will happen.

    Remember "NoFear"


    Birthday Boy 2005

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