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    Mushroom Wellingtons

    Nutty Sausage Rolls

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    When a special occasion arises it's nice to serve something special. These recipes are easy to makeand are sure to impress. The guests will be making sure they are on your dinner party list.

    Mushroom Wellingtons

    * Ingredients are Per Person

    1 sheet of ready rolled Vegan Puff Pastry
    1 tblspn Tomato Paste
    2 large Portabello Mushrooms
    thin slice of an onion (in a ring)
    1 tspn Basil Pesto

    Lay out a defrosted sheet of Puff Pastry.
    Spread the tomato paste on the sheet, in the middle.
    Place one mushroom, on the pastry, brown side facing you.
    Place the onion ring in the mushroom, then top with Basil Pesto and cheese.
    Place the other mushroom on top. (to look like a burger.)
    Wrap the pastry around the mushroom burger like an envelope. Pick up two opposite corners and fold over each other. (pull tight over the mushroom burger) Then repeat for more Mushroom Wellingtons.
    Use a fork to pierce holes in the pastry.
    Place Mushroom Wellingtonson a baking sheet in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees c until the pastry is golden brown.
    Serve on a bed of salad leaves

    Nutty Sausage Rolls

    4 Sheets Vegan Puff Pastry

    2 Cups of Roasted Peanuts ( substitute with Cashews if desired)
    2 Carrots - grated
    2 tblspn parsley - chopped
    2 tblspn Tamari
    2 tblspn Tomato Paste
    1 cup Chick Peas - cooked
    1 tspn Paprika
    1 slice of bread
    ¼ tspn Chilli powder
    ¼ tspn Celtic Salt
    2 tblspns Olive Oil

    Pre heat the oven to 200 degrees C.

    Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until the mixture looks like crunchy peanut paste.
    Place a sheet of Pastry on a cutting board. Cut the sheet in half. Using one half, place a couple of heaped tablespoons of the Nutty Sausage Roll mixture ontpo the bottom end of the pastry. Shape it like a roll. Wet the edges of the pastry with a little water then fold the pastry over and press down the edges with a fork. Pierce holes in the roll and make a few cuts through them. repeat until pastry and mixture is used.
    Place the Nutty Sausage Rolls on a baking sheet on a baking tray and cook in the oven until the pastry is golden brown.

    Serve on a bed of leaves with Special Tomato Sauce ( page ......
    in Turn Over a New Leaf)


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